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Discover how Bliss Club's marketing strategy revolutionized women's activewear

BlissClub, an innovative women’s activewear brand in India, has skyrocketed to success by blending community-building strategies with influencer marketing, carving its niche in the bustling world of e-commerce.

The birth of BlissClub

It all began with Minu Margeret, a former Ultimate Frisbee player, who saw an unmet need for high-quality, affordable activewear tailored for Indian women. Frustrated by the market's offerings, she envisioned a brand – one that's not only by women but for women. BlissClub's activewear, showcasing features like four-way stretch fabric, moisture-wicking technology, and hidden pockets, stands as a testament to that vision.

Pillars of BlissClub's success

Beyond the foundation of its products, several pillars have been central to BlissClub's success in the Indian market. They offer top-notch activewear without breaking the bank, ensuring that women don't have to compromise quality for affordability. Their brand messaging reverberates with empowerment, confidence, and body positivity, resonating deeply with their online audience. They've also masterfully harnessed the power of the digital space, selling exclusively online. However, what truly sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to stellar customer service, building trust, and loyalty among their clientele.

Building a loyal community

It wasn't just about selling a product; BlissClub aimed to engage and retain its audience. From its humble beginnings in WhatsApp groups to commanding an expansive online presence today, the brand has been unwavering in its dedication to its online community. By regularly hosting events and workshops, BlissClub ensures a continuous dialogue with its customers, valuing their feedback and making them feel truly a part of the brand's digital journey.

Creating meaningful differentiation 


BlissClub's approach to activewear stands in stark contrast to the conventional strategies adopted by other brands in the industry. Where traditional activewear brands often resorted to portraying fitness in a way that inadvertently shamed their audience for not adhering to gym-centric ideals, BlissClub has taken a refreshing and inclusive route. They've embarked on a mission to dismantle these stereotypical walls and connect with their audience on a relatable level.


An illustrative example is their campaign, 'Everyday Asanas with Aditi,' which candidly highlighted the various yoga stretches and asanas that women unconsciously practice throughout the day. This witty campaign not only celebrated the everyday movements but also encouraged women to embrace them as valid forms of exercise. 


Similarly, during their first product launch, BlissClub's 'Moving it with Blissclub' series empathetically acknowledged the challenges faced by modern working women. It reassured them that activities as simple as decorating a Christmas tree or playing with a child were indeed forms of exercise. In essence, BlissClub's marketing strategy revolves around celebrating individuality, embracing diverse body types and sizes, and shattering the conventional standards set by the activewear industry. This unique approach has not only set them apart but has also deeply resonated with their audience, contributing significantly to their remarkable success.

Leveraging influencer marketing for outreach


BlissClub's social media strategy centres around storytelling and genuine influencer partnerships. Their "The Ultimate Leggings" campaign, featuring real women of diverse shapes and sizes, beautifully encapsulated their commitment to inclusivity. 


They’ve recently unveiled a game-changing campaign – the '100-Day Buy and Try Policy.' This customer-centric initiative offers a full refund to customers who aren't entirely satisfied with their purchase within the first 100 days, further enhancing BlissClub's appeal and trustworthiness online. This move is in line with their commitment to empowering women through movement, a sentiment echoed by renowned social media influencer Kusha Kapila and exemplified by the 'Approved by Kusha' campaign.


Collaborations like these not only amplify their reach but also validate the quality and appeal of their products. This, coupled with their impressive media coverage in leading publications, has amplified their brand recognition online.

Looking forward


Having secured a Series A funding of US$18 million and a valuation surpassing US$100 million, the future looks radiant for BlissClub. As they march forward in the Indian activewear market, there's an air of anticipation regarding their upcoming initiatives. Yet, amidst this rapid growth and expansion, they remain deeply rooted in their core values.


As we reflect on BlissClub's remarkable journey in the world of women’s activewear and their exceptional success story, one crucial lesson shines through. Partnering with the right influencers, like Kusha Kapila, Asana Shroff, Kritika Khurana and many more, has been essential to their ascent. Influencers who align with a brand's values and resonate with their audience can be a powerful force for growth and impact.

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