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Explore and choose from the world’s largest database of 210M+ creators across entertainment, food, travel, design finance, lifestyle and more on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and X (beta).

An influencer database and creator database of over 210M can be found here.An influencer database and creator database of over 210M can be found here.


Creator Filters & Audience

Search Filters

Use 25+ advanced creator and audience filters to drive content engagement. Narrow search by demographics, growth rate, past performance, audience interests, brand sponsorship and more to uncover the perfect creators in seconds.

GAP Score

With over 500 million creators active globally, our proprietary GAP (Genuine Audience Percentage) score tool weeds out fake and inactive followers for you, ensuring your campaigns reach real people, not bots.

Dealing with influencers with fake followers? Here is a solution for you to analise influencer metrics

Creator Insights

With our Creator Profile Report, gain insights on content performance, monthly growth, audience affinity and brand collaborations to determine the right creator for your brand.

The most important creator insight is to see month on month growth of the influencer of your choice.

Creator Connect

Access direct contact information of 24M+ creators from Hypothesis and eliminate the need for intermediaries.

Connect with the influencer of your choice and start a life changing campaign for your brand

Lookalike Creator


Diversify and expand your reach by using our “Lookalike Creator Suggestions” feature that recommends creators similar to your best-performing creators and scale up your influencer campaigns faster

Can't collab with the influencer of your choice? Choose a similar influencer with same metrics with Hypothesis





Use 25+ advanced filters to find the perfect creator match for your brand

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